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Super Secret Recipe
Super Secret Recipe

Paper Mache Clay:
24 grams dry toilet paper/110 grams wet
200 grams joint compound (cheaper the better)
130 grams Elmers glue (extra strong)
70 grams corn starch
70 + grams white flour
3 tbsp baby oil

Kitchen scale (Set to grams)
Plastic Bowl
Kitchen mixer
air tight storage containers

Place bowl on top of scale and tare/zero out

Add toilet paper to bowl of warm water and pull the fibers. (see image)

After a 5 minute soak, squeeze out the water until you have a ball of wet paper. Keep squeezing until it measures 110 grams. (see image)

Re-loosen wet fibers and place in mixer.

Add remaining ingredients.

Use mixer until clay is completely smooth and pliable. Add additional flour now to thicken clay as necessary.

Store in an airtight container. (I don't actually know how long it will keep. I usually make a batch and use it the same day)

Use clay over plaster structure to create details.
Dries very hard!